Together in Faith


Together in Faith 2

Together in Faith is a process through which parishes and Catholic schools throughout the Archdiocese will assess their ministries and resources in the context of their communities and in collaboration with their neighboring parishes and Catholic schools.

First initiated in 2004, all parishes in the Archdiocese performed a self- evaluation of themselves, which looked at where each parish was at that time and where it saw itself within the near future.

This year, Archbishop Vigneron initiated Phase Two of the Together In Faith process. He wants to see that each parish has worked toward their goals that they set in Phase One and, as a community, set up plans for the future of our parishes and the future of the Catholic community in Southeastern Michigan.

To achieve this goal, St. Michael the Archangel is working with the parishes of our vicariate and the parishes located within the City of Livonia. Two teams have been assembled within our parish community, one to address parish concerns, and one to address school concerns. The data gathering portion of this process began in February, 2011 and is expected to continue through May. In June, 2011, a preliminary report will be submitted to the Archdiocesan Pastoral Council, (APC). During the summer months, the preliminary reports will be reviewed and commented on by members of the APC. During the autumn months the preliminary reports will be amended and re-submitted to the APC. A final report will be announced to entire Archdiocese in very early 2012. This web page has been compiled in an effort to keep our parish community well informed as to the progress of the Together In Faith - Phase Two process.



Parish Team

Tom Little

Richard Rice

Mark Steinhauer

Karen Tokarz

School Team

Dawn Conn

Greg Pawelski

Paula Vance

Vicky Toyeas