Event Setup

CONTACT: Maintenance (ext. 236)

All events requiring setups need to be planned in advance with a setup request submitted to the Maintenance Department at least 30 days before the event. Most planned events at St. Michael Parish happen in either the Cafeteria or Gymnasium. If a setup is required, please complete the following:

  1. Schedule the location(s) by contacting:
    • Jennifer Kakaley for all parish locations and for events at school during non school hours.
    • Theresa Liptak for events at school during school hours.
  2. Download or print one or more of the following forms depending on where your event takes place.
  3. Complete the forms for your events. Please use these diagrams to draw out exactly what your event needs and how it should be set up. When completing the diagrams, check out the example links on the right. In these links, you will see some basic examples of how setups can be drawn out. Notice on these examples that things are very specific, such as marked table lengths, the number of chairs wanted, and any extra needs such as a microphone, DVD projector, or floor tarps. These specifics help the maintenance staff know exactly what you want for your setup, and help them plan to accommodate your needs.
  4. If a TV or projector is part of your setup, please indicate the equipment needed on the forms under "Additional Instructions/Equipment". A projector can be used to show a video (DVD or VHS), or PowerPoint presentation from a computer on the large screen in the cafeteria.
  5. Submit forms to the Maintenance Department at least 30 days before the event. They can be emailed to maintenance@livoniastmichael.org.
  6. Complete a "NEW Fundraising Event" form or a "CURRENT Fundraising Event" form if you are having a fundraiser event. All collections, solicitations and fundraising events need to have a form filled out by any organization and turned into the Rectory.