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  • Blessed Brunch



    Ladies of the parish, join us for a Blessed Brunch on April 21 at 10 AM - 1 PM. Mary Wilkerson will speak on “Beloved: The Life Changing Encounter of Being Known by a Living God.”


  • Catholic. Divorced. Now What?



    The Catholic Church’s teaching on divorce, remarriage, and annulments often gets a bad rap in and outside the Church. Wherever you are on that journey, St. Michael Parish is here to support and walk alongside you. Please join us on Tuesday, May 1 at 7 PM for a presentation on what the Church teaches on divorce and annulments given by Msgr. Ronald Browne, a canon lawyer from the Archdiocese of Detroit. There will be a time for discussion, so please bring your questions. Questions? Please contact Patty Breen.

  • Mark Your Calendars - St. Michael Auction

    St. Michael Auction


    Mark your calendars for the St. Michael Auction on May 5, 2018. Buy your tickets online now.

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  • CateQuizm Trivia Night

    CateQuiz Trivia Night


    Come and join us for CateQuiz Trivia Night on Tuesday, May 8 at 7 PM. CateQuizm, a fun, new, adult evening in Catholic catechism instruction. The evening includes a pub grub, beer and wine, live presentations, small group discussions, competition and monetary prizes with a familiar “trivia night” format. Feel free to invite some friends – or just come and meet some new ones!

  • Prayer, Praise and Worship

    Prayer, Praise and Worship


    Come and join us for Prayer, Praise and Worship nights once a month on Fridays, starting at 7 PM. The evening will be led by Father Bill and include a Homily, Exposition Adoration, contemporary praise music provided by The St. Michael Praise Band, and conclude with Benediction. During the service, we also pray together for the needs in our community before the Blessed Sacrament and prayer teams. Prayer teams will be available to pray with anyone who would like intercessory prayer with the Holy Spirit.

  • Eucharistic Adoration

    Eucharistic Adoration


    Eucharistic Adoration is Wednesday, May 16 from 9:30 AM - 7 PM, followed by Benediction. Come and spend some time with the Lord.

  • Mother-Daughter Breakfast

    Mother Daughter Breakfast


    Calling all moms, daughters, grandmothers, aunts, cousins, granddaughters, goddaughters, and nieces! It's time for our annual Mother-Daughter Breakfast on Sunday, May 20 at 11 AM immediately following the 10 AM Mass.


  • Why Be Catholic?

    Why Be Catholic?


    Season 9 of Why Be Catholic? continues on Wednesday, May 23 at 7 PM. Elizabeth Naida, a formerly devout “cradle Episcopalian” shares the story of her journey from trying to disprove the “arrogant truth” of Catholicism into finding her true “home” there.

  • Baptism Class

    Catholic Baptism


    Are you interested in having your baby baptized into the Catholic faith? The next Baptism class is Thursday, June 14 at 7 PM. Contact the Parish Office to register.

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