The Church, under the leadership of Pope Paul VI and John Paul II, has embraced the concept of the "new evangelization" and St. Michael, as a parish, has been asked by the Archdiocese to formalize our commitment through the formation of an Evangelization Team. Simply put, to evangelize is to bear witness, in a simple and direct way, to God revealed by Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit. We do this through sharing our love for Jesus with others through words, prayer, and actions. We believe that God wants parishes to be alive and vibrant, full of committed, growing Catholics.

Our Evangelization Team works directly with the Pastor and Parish Council, as well as all leadership groups within the parish, especially the four commissions. While the Evangelization Team is represented on all commissions and many committees, it is "in charge" of none. It acts as a catalyst to encourage the appropriate work of each group. They cast as wide a net as possible because evangelization is everyones task and it moves outward in concentric rings - from ourselves, to one another, to our families and friends, to the fallen away, to the unchurched, and ultimately to the world. By finding ways to grow and witness to our own faith, we keep it going - we keep it growing - and we answer the call to "Go and Make Disciples".