Digital Citizenship

St. Michael School Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship Mission

St. Michael Catholic School is committed to addressing digital citizenship in a positive manner in support of conscience formation and character development that will foster moral leaders for the future. In order to support this commitment, we have integrated our vision and values consistently across all curriculum, stressing responsibility, respect, manners, and attitude as the foundation in the use of social media.

How We Got Here

Playground. Classroom. Cafeteria. Court. Places where our children must learn to interact, get along, and treat others fairly. However, in this modern age of technology, it is necessary to add one more "location" to the list: cyberspace. At St. Michael Catholic School, our motto states, "In our house, others first." We take our motto seriously, and we put it into action daily. When we walk down the hall, our children say, "Good morning." When our principal walks into the room, we stand to greet her. When a friend gets hurt, our kids run to assist. Yes, in this age of technology, we have not forgotten at St. Michael that manners matter, respect must prevail, and social interaction starts with the inclusion of each person as a valuable member of our school. In order to have respect in the digital world, we must first cultivate respect in the real world.

And yet, at St. Mike's, we know technology is a crucial component to the future success of our students. We believe at our school that only by modeling good behavior and expecting it back in return will our students learn how to act appropriately in the global world of the Internet. Our Digital Citizenship Initiative follows the same motto as the rest of our school: "In our house, others first." We teach and expect our students to conduct themselves with integrity and morality, whether they are running on the playground, speaking in the classroom, or researching on the computer. Our primary goal--to form upstanding Catholic students--is constant and ever-present.

As a result of our overarching vision, we treat technological innovation as a means toward success, rather than the final goal. Our Catholic vision is imbued with our tradition of excellence, and through the guidance of our technology staff, we carefully select innovations, as well as their implementation, to suit our vision and to fit into our "grand design."

Our mission to foster “champions of academic excellence” and to promote “moral leaders for the future” is the guiding principle behind our technological initiatives. At St. Michael Catholic School, our technology supports and serves our spiritual, academic, and moral goals.