Scrip Rechargeable Cards

Rechargeable Cards for Larry's Foodland or Westborn Market can be purchased from the Scrip order form. You can not purchase a fundraising rechargeable card at the grocery store. Each card has a zero balance when you receive it.

The card will have a number on it like a regular credit card, it will not have your name on it. The Scrip Program will keep track of which card is assigned to each family. Please do not throw away your cards or allow the clerks at the store to keep them when they have a zero balance. A card with a zero balance for 90 days will be voided out of the system. You would then have to order another card from the Scrip Program.

If you have friends or family who regularly shop at these stores, purchase a card for them and get them to use it for more credit for you.

Recharging Your Card

For Larry's Foodland, you must recharge your card BEFORE your purchases are rung up! Recharging your card must be done as a separate transaction. You may recharge your card at customer service or any register. You can recharge your card for any amount up to $500.

You can pay for recharging the card with cash, check or major credit card. Those of you that get a percentage back from your credit card company can now benefit from both programs. The balance of your gift card will be printed on the bottom of each receipt or can be obtained by calling the 800 number on the back of the card.

For Westborn, you must send in a check to the Scrip program and tell us how much you want loaded on your card. Funds are added to your card in the accounting office as requested. You cannot get funds added at customer service or the register. Through Westborn Market, you receive a 5% discount.

Rewards / Profits

St. Michael receives the profit from rechargeable cards. St. Michael School receives a check for 3%-5% of the amount recharged to the rechargeable cards, including the summer months. Our earnings will be sent to us as a check from the company periodically with a statement indicating the amounts recharged to each card number.

The rewards earned will be allocated as you select on the Scrip Program Agreement less the 20% administrative fee.

Larry's run their programs on a monthly cycle. We will receive our check 1-2 weeks after the cycle ends. Busch's runs their program on a quarterly cycle.

Lost or Stolen Cards

If your card is lost or stolen contact the Scrip chairperson at ext. 444, the stores can not help you. We will look up your card number and contact the appropriate store offices. They will determine if there is a balance on the card. If there is a balance corporate will devalue the missing card and transfer the funds to a new card for you.


Exceptions to Gift card usage include fuel, money orders, Western Union, lottery tickets, stamps, hunting and fishing licenses, and Ticket Master.