Order scrip and earn voucher credit toward your 2020-2021 tuition


St Michael School Scrip now offers an electronic option to order scrip gift cards. Create an account on or (This is a phone app). ShopwithScrip and MyScripWallet are interchangeable. Once a family account is created, a family can place an order(s) online during the week. They then pay through Presto Pay, linked to their checking account or by credit card. Physical cards will be ordered on Monday and available by Friday. Ecards are almost immediately available.

Paper orders with checks for physical cards can still be turned in for processing on Mondays.

Families who have ordered scrip previously, have an account set up and only need to complete it by inputting their bank account information. If you are a family who wishes to do this, please email Lisa Hudy. She will send an email with your email address, login and a temporary password. You will need to change the password and add your financial account information in order to place online orders, especially for Ecards. Also include your child’s name and room number if you wish to have your orders sent home with your student.

Families who have not used scrip before will need to set up an account from scratch. If you would like to make scrip orders online, please email Lisa Hudy. She will send an invitation for you to set up an account. As part of the set-up, a family would need to select “Payment Type” from the Dashboard for Presto Pay or Credit Card. Also include your child’s name and room number if you wish to have your orders sent home with your student.

If you have used or are currently using Presto Pay in another scrip program and wish to participate electronically in ordering Scrip through St. Michael School please contact Lisa Hudy for the enrollment code.


Scrip is a voluntary fundraising program for St. Michael school families. It is a way to raise money for the Parent Group and the participating families (by way of tuition vouchers) for purchases that you would make regularly during the year. The program consists of two parts: grocery stores and retail/gas/restaurants. Depending on where and how you shop you can earn $200 in tuition credit for groceries each year and / or $85 in credit from gas purchases by simply spending $100 each week on groceries and $50 each week on gas. Some families have earned over $400 in tuition credit. It is not uncommon to have several families earn between $200 - $350 each year in credit.

How it works

Start with an order form and a Scrip Program Agreement! The order form lists popular cards available for purchase and the percentage of the value of the card the school receives as a discount. You may also "write in" any additional gift cards not listed on our school order form that are available from Great Lakes Scrip. You can claim up to 80% of your rebate as credit toward a tuition voucher. These gift cards look like gift certificates or gift cards you would purchase at a store and make great gifts - plan ahead for Christmas, birthday's etc. Many families have planned large purchases using scrip cards and benefit from the percentage back (examples... appliance purchases, home improvements, kitchen remodels, vacations, etc). If you are affiliated with a business that needs to purchase gift cards for employee/customer incentives or gifts, please use scrip - your order still goes toward your tuition voucher! The Scrip Agreement allows you to choose how you want your credit back. Options include a tution voucher, donation to the St. Michael Parent Group, donation to Sr. Carolyn's Tuition Assistance Fund, a donation to St. Michael Church, or cash back.

Orders can be placed, usually on Mondays, any week during the school year where there are at least 4 days of school. Orders are seat home or available for pickup in the school office on Fridays. Check payable to St. Michael Parent Group should be sent in with your order form.