Youth Service Hours

Students are encouraged to use their gifts and talents to help those in need. It is not enough to know one’s faith. Putting that faith into practice is also important. Below are ways that students may contribute by helping others.

New Parish Opportunities

Help with upcoming projects and events.
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Annual and Ongoing Opportunities

Review parish opportunities that are ongoing or happen annually.
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Click for a Service Log form.

Requesting Student Volunteers

Any committee that would like to request student volunteers to help with an event, must email the following information to Lucy Boyer two weeks prior to the event with a courtesy copy (cc) to Laurel Marmul. Please also email if the job has been filled, no longer needed, or any information listed has changed.

  • Group sponsoring the activity
  • Description of the job/work
  • Date and time when student is needed. Shift options if applicable
  • Location
  • Contact person’s name and email address/phone number

All students must be supervised by an adult, who has been cleared by Protecting God’s Children. If this is a reoccurring event, it is suggested that the supervisor keep a list of previous volunteers for reference.


Service Hours Form (PDF)


Service Hours Form (DOC)