Communion to the Homebound

Eucharistic Outreach

St. Michael’s Eucharistic Outreach Program, Communion to the Homebound, bring Holy Communion to our parishioners who are homebound for various reasons. It has been a largely unnoticed but quietly successful program that has reached many in profoundly spiritual and moving ways.

The program pairs two Holy Communion Ministers with each parishioner wishing to receive the Eucharist every Saturday or Sunday. Many wonderful and rewarding relationships have been formed and some Ministers have become fast friends with their Communion recipients, staying extra moments to visit and share their time and lives with one another.

We are more than happy to provide Holy Communion to someone recovering from an accident, surgery, or something which will keep them from attending Mass for a few weeks or months. If you would like the Eucharist brought to your home, please contact the Parish Office.

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